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   TO ALL WHO VOTED FOR ME to be your next mayor: I am honored by the trust you placed in me.

   TO THE VOLUNTEERS, who from the early days of February through the long, hot days of summer and the cool days of autumn worked tirelessly and thoughtfully and beyond all reasonable expectations: I can only say it has been a privilege to have known you and worked with you. You gave far more than I had a right to expect. I owe you a debt that I cannot hope to properly repay. Let us now turn the vigor and vision you showed in the campaign to help those who govern continue to build a city of hope and opportunity.

   TO MAYOR ROMEO THEKEN: let us join hands and work together. May your passion and fire help fulfill the dreams of our children.

   TO ALL THE CITIZENS OF GLOUCESTER, whatever your hopes, whatever your dreams: Let us find anew our common ground and work together for the common good of our community.

   THANK YOU! All of you. I lost, but my love of Gloucester is undiminished. I will try as long as I am able to serve all of Gloucester’s people in any way that I can. I am sure our paths will cross again.


   “For Gloucester ☆ For the Future.”